🌎 When are dividends paid out?
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When dealing with dividends, there are three important dates you need to know. Knowing the dates below will help you determine whether or not you'll receive the dividend. The dates are:

  • Ex-dividend Date (ex-date) - the day before the Record Date. The ex-div date is the day that investors, who purchase on that day, are no longer eligible to receive the upcoming dividend. So investors need to purchase the shares before the Ex-dividend Date.

  • Record Date - the cut-off date the company or ETF company will use to determine who the shareholders are and therefore who is eligible for dividends.

  • Dividend Payable Date - for the payment of the dividend, the Dividend Payable Date is specified on a date after the Record Date by the underlying company or ETF company. The amount of the dividend will usually appear in your account (net of any applicable withholding taxes) This whole process takes about 3 business days.

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