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🇮🇩 1. What is the Tax report feature?

The tax report feature serves as a tool for users in submitting their Annual Income Tax Return (SPT Tahunan). This tax report feature only can be used for tax reporting purposes, not as a reference or tax advice.

Users should seek professional advice from experts before taking any taxation-related actions. The accuracy of data in the Income Tax Return submitted to the Directorate General of Taxes is the responsibility of the user, not Gotrade Indonesia. Therefore, users are required to verify and cross-check independently to ensure data accuracy.

🇮🇩 2. What’s in my Gotrade tax report?

Gotrade tax report support information needed for your annual tax return process such as:

  • Income including fee sales and dividends

  • Cash and equity in Gotrade account

  • Equity portfolio in Gotrade account until 31 Dec 2023

🇮🇩 3. How to access the Gotrade tax report?

  1. Tap on the profile at the upper left corner

  2. Choose Reports under the Investing menu

  3. Click on Tax report

  4. Click on the tax report files you want. It will immediately download the pdf file.

🇮🇩 4. How to report tax report in SPT tahunan

A. Submit cash and equity as asset

Submitting cash and equity as asset means submit total equity you bought and saved in your portfolio at 31 Dec 2023 as asset.

Asset includes:

  • Cash: Amount of cash saved in Gotrade platform to do trading activity.

  • Equity (kontrak berjangka): Current market value of your owned equity.

Image: Tax reporting of cash and equity in e-filling DJP online.

Image: Tax reporting of cash and equity on physical form

How to submit asset:

  • Balance of cash and equity should be submitted in the asset section in Annual Tax Return.

  • To submit Cash, choose code 011 - Cash.

  • To submit equity, choose 037 - Derivative Instrument (Kontrak berjangka)

  • Taxable year can be filled with the year of when the equity is received.

B. Submit Gotrade income as Other domestic income

Single stock PALN hasn’t been categorized as PPh income. You need to submit your total “Income” from the tax report at column “Penghasilan lainnya” at form 1770S as “Other domestic net income”

Income in Gotrade consists of:

  • Dividend : Income from equity sell activity

  • Realized profit/loss : Total of profit that user gained from transactions in Gotrade

You can submit the total income of tax report in column “Other domestic net income” in tax form 1770S.

Image: Tax reporting of Gotrade other domestic net income in e-filling DJP online.

Image: Tax reporting of Gotrade other domestic net income on physical form.

🇮🇩 5. What is the realized profit/loss? How is it calculated?

Realized profit or loss is the total profit users gain from transactions on Gotrade. It is calculated by subtracting realized losses from realized profits.


Realized profit/loss = Realized profit - realized loss


  • Realized profit = $50

  • Realized loss = $10

  • Realized profit/loss = $40

My realized profit/loss is showing as minus, what’s that mean?

If your realized profit/loss is minus, that means your income is in realized loss condition. Realized losses from stocks can be used to reduce your tax bill.

🇮🇩 6. What is the difference between taxation in Indonesia stocks and US stocks?

For Indonesian stocks, tax is already net applied at the point of sale of the securities, while for US stocks as non-residents, each person has to report their assets/capital gain/losses just like other income sources.

🇮🇩 7. Which FX rate that I have to use for the report?

You may use FX rate on 31 December 2023 (1 USD = Rp 15.397) for 2023 report

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